Monday, January 11, 2010

New Ultra Fine Flower Soft

We are so excited to be bringing you something new! Coming February 1st we are introducing a new line of Flower Soft, Ultra Fine. This product will allow you the same benefit as our original Flower Soft but with it's pieces being smaller, you will be able to add definition to smaller images. With eight new colors you will be sure to find something to fit your creative needs.

Our design team has some sneaks for you today. Take a look....

This one comes to you from Deb Saaranen....

Here's a close-up....

I love how she used the Ultra Fine Flower Soft for the center of the flowers only. It's beautiful!

Next up, a sneak from Jeanne Streiff.....

....and a close up.....

Look how delicate. It's beautiful here.

Be sure and check out what some of the other team members created....

AJ Otto
Barb Schram
Deb Saaranen
Jeanne Streiff
Jennifer Buck

Next week we will bring you more sneaks from this exciting new release. Stay tuned!

Jen :)


  1. LOVE that!! Can't wait to get some!

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