Friday, July 1, 2011

FIREWORKS 3-D Card Toppers offer EXTENDED!!!!


FIREWORKS 3-D Card Toppers offer EXTENDED!!!!
These toppers include the  phrases "Celebrate"," You Sparkle", "Happy Birthday" and "You Light Up my World" for year round fun!

Make invitations for family and friends
to attend all your summer events!

 Flower Soft™ FIREWORKS  3-D Card Topper and
Flower Soft™ Diamond Range Silver and Gold
 colors are fast and fun to make!

Just add some Flower Soft™ glue in any area you want to add 
color and texture and sprinkle some imagination
 with the Flower Soft™ color of your choice!


Click HERE to Purchase

 Offer contains: 
  1 x Pack of Fireworks Card Toppers 
(makes 8 3-D cards)
1 x Flower Soft™ Glue
1 x Flower Soft™ Diamond Range Silver
1 x Flower Soft™ Diamond Range Gold

Offer expires July 7th, 2011

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