Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How many ways can you use a mould with papercrafts?

The Flower Soft design team have been playing with the new molds from Katy Sue Designs. In case you didn’t know Katy Sue are the manufacturers of the Flower Soft range and lots of other cool papercraft products. Our team here in the USA have been eagerly awaiting these molds as they won the Winter 2013 CHA Innovations Award!
The Katy Sue molds are food safe and their main market is for cake decorating but we like to have some fun with our creative juices and see how many uses we can find in our papercrafting.

So here is a quick blast of inspiration to help you get started :)
First up is Jeanne who used layers of wet tissue paper in the bird mold to take the design impression. Once it had dried she used her amazing coloring techniques to bring the image to life. This really shows how these molds work as a 3D stamp.
There are lots of great, light weight air drying clays out there now. Look at the great result Cibele got with the Victorian Garden 1 mold. We love this vintage look!

Katy Sue Designs have lots of smaller embellishment molds in the pipeline and they are perfect for creating your own co-ordinating embellishments. Dawn did an awesome job with the new Elegant Hearts mold. https://www.flower-soft.us.com/Cart/EC-Selected-Product.php?ProductID=1164

Vicki also used an air drying clay to create her rustic robin. We this is such a great idea!

We love the idea of creating gifts and the Bell Trio embellishment mold made a great feature for Deb in her gift creation,  it was so beautifully painted this is a great job.
Noreen Mckie from Katy Sue used the heart mold with sugar paste to decorate the cookies below but then used air drying clay to create a wonderful embellishment to decorate the box. https://www.flower-soft.us.com/Cart/EC-Selected-Product.php?ProductID=955

If you like this embellishment you can see a how to video here:

Did you know you can also use ultra thick embossing powder in the molds to create and stunning see though embellishment..maybe that’s another video we need to do.

Enjoy the molds :)

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