Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kool Tak Favorites

We love using Kool Tak products on our craft projects and so does our Design Team. Dawn has used Kool Tak Sparkles for the water, Transfer Foil for the starfish (it’s a rub on foil) and Micro Beads to add detail to the swimsuit and headband! Kool Tak also supply foam pads to pop up the images. The main design comes from Sassy Cheryl's Stamps.

From this angle you can really see the sparkle effect from the Kool Tak fine glitter. Visit Dawn's Blog for more inspiration

 Super close up showing the fine glitter and transfer foil effect. Great use of the Kool Tak products to add that extra sparkle :)


  1. I Freakin' LOVE it Dawn! It was gorgeous yesterday. . . .and it's STILL gorgeous! Love the close-ups!

  2. Your Great Post If you want to witness the love for flowers