Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wine Buffs! Cheers!!!

Well! What a laugh we have had with the cartoon characters,fun sentiments and quotes in this weeks edition of .

I don't know about you, but I always find that mens cards can be so difficult to create as, lets face it, they don't all love boats, snooker and sailing do they?

Tha range is not totally for men of course, but there are a great lot that I can associate with different members of my family.

The stepper card is great fun to do as you can really go to town and further embellish all the fun characters, i.e. glitter the ladies dresses and give them earrings, use your glazes on the wine bottles, glasses and characters glasses etc.

I just love the fact that the template for the stepper card is not only on the Wine Buffs C D Rom but is also incorporated in the Wine Buffs Papercraft pack. A very useful template for you to keep. There are so many different shaped cards that your going to just love making them. The Papercraft Kit contains 18 sheets of designs and then your stepper template too. The C.D. contains an amazing wealth of designs including backing papers, 3D/paper tole, bottle bags, tags, sentiments, card toppers,cartoons,shaped cards!!!! The list goes on!

Anyway hope you enjoy viewing this week and I look forward to talking next week.

Until then take care,

love Noreen.

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