Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Christmas Tree Pyramid tutorial

OK! Here's the tutorial I promised last week on assembling the Christmas Tree Pyramid cards. You'll need to start by cutting out the pyramid panel, and scoring from the point to the opposite angles, as shown:
Next, you'll cut out the decoupage pieces - each piece is numbered so you can keep them in order as you cut them out. I find it easiest to cut with a craft knife.

Here are all the cut out pieces, ready to shape and assemble on the card.
Take each piece, turn it over, and add some dimension by laying it on a foam pad and pressing into it - I used the wooden end of my embossing stylus, but you could use a rounded pen cap, or anything else with a similar shape.
Turn the pieces face up and press into the top of each piece - this will make the bottom rise a little, and also flatten out the top so it's easier to glue to the card.
The tree on the pyramid has some red lines across it - these are the guidelines for attaching the cut out pieces. Beginning at the bottom, line up the pieces one at a time to create the tree.
Here's the card with all the pieces attached.
Working one section at a time, add Polar White Flower Soft to the tree... I used a little glitter as well. Here's my snowy tree....
...and my completed card!Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow this is a great tutorial and the results are amazing:) Sandra H

  2. Went to CKC in charlotte and bought my first flower soft can't wait to try it on project like this one!

  3. It always gives me encouragement and ideas. If I have to, I’ll do a quick draft to show what I’m looking for. If you really have to, I will go the extra mile and design myself.

  4. So pretty! I love your card and the snowy flower soft is so pretty. I think I am going to have to get another canister of it for this year. I used the last one up putting it on almost everything last year!
    Thank you for sharing the great tutorial! :)

  5. I know that problem well! I really need to go through and re-organize my tags and categories on a few blogs I operate. I am going to try and limit my categories to about 10 areas, using tags to help further group my articles.