Thursday, September 23, 2010

Whooo! There's Gold and Silver in them thar hills!


It's been worse than waiting for Christmas! I've so looked forward to telling everyone about two new additions to our Diamond Range. It really has felt like a new arrival in the family, which of course is exactly what it is, two new members to add to our team!

What I've loved about using them is that there are so many ways you can instantly brighten any projects you may be working on. Don't just think Christmas, Gold and Silver Diamond Range Flower Soft can be used for way more than that, take a look at just what we are doing in this weeks Flower Soft Friday.

You will be delighted at how the Silver instantly brightens the Lavender Baskets and Barrows topper to make this stunning card.

Anyone getting a card like this would be instantly cheered up.

Tune in to to see the demos and examples of cards that will hopefully inspire and encourage.

Materials used;
Flower Soft Baskets and Barrows topper
Flower Soft Diamond Range Silver
Flower Soft Diamond Range Gold
Flower Soft Elegant Wishes Sentiments
Flower Soft Glue
Lilac aperture card (use stencil from Display Globes to get oval)
2 Silk flowers
Silver card-frame cut from Spellbinders
Nestabilities Petite Scalloped Ovals Large
Foam pads


  1. I'm excited about your addition to your family. I can't wait to play with them. I will watch the video tomorrow. Thank you

  2. I want silver and gold Flower Soft!!! I can tell that is a great addition to your project.

  3. wow this card is so very the colors! I want that set!scs: amberfite