Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Neon signs with Neon Ultra Fine!!!!

Well, "now for something completely different" is something we often say in the North East. It kinda means "wow look at this".

When you look at the card below you will see what I mean! The range of Neon Sign toppers are very adaptable. You will see on the programme that there is something there for both male and female and for all age groups too,(even re-cycled teenagers like me would appreciate receiving one of these cards).

The pack consists of four designs, and you get two of each in the pack. There are four Neon colours, take a look on to see what they are. Don't forget to watch the gallery of cards at the end to get some inspiration on how to use your toppers and then you will be inspired to go forward to do your own thing too! I love the fact that you get so many "extras" on each sheet so that you can stretch your card making to the max!

Hope you enjoy the show,

Lots of love until next time,


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