Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walk around the Wine Buffs C.D.

Hi there,

If you are like me and thought that anything to do with C.D. meant Can't Do, then think again !

What I have come to understand from C.D.'s is that if you get a really good quality one that "self loads" then it is one of the easiest things to work from. At the moment the Wine Buffs C.D.Rom is only available for sale in the U.K. It has proved to be hugely popular, the main reason, I think, is that it is suited very much for the men in our lives and the humour it injects into card making takes your crafting to another level. The quality of the images gives a very professional finish and if that was not enough, then there are so many different shaped cards, stackers, vintage, contemporary etc. etc. etc.

So, take a walk around the Wine Buffs C.D. with Sue and see the amazing amount of toppers etc, that can be printed from this one C.D.

You will see that the next time you think C.D. it will stand for CAN DO!!!!!

Lots of love until next week,

take care,


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