Monday, November 22, 2010

Ageless Elegance

Ok so who is moving the days faster than they were before? It is totally unreal how fast the pace is racing towards the holidays! Or is it really just me that feels like that? I hope not!

Anyway, back to what I should be talking about, Vintage Christmas!

The Vintage Christmas range of toppers and taglets have the most amazing timeless elegance that continues to create the most gorgeous cards you will be forever proud of. The images stand out from other Christmas ranges because of the quality of the design, the art work is stunning, and even after having this range out for quite a few years it is still as popular among our customers as it always was.

The range consists of the Vintage Christmas Lamposts which have two designs in, five of each design. So amazingly you get ten fantastic lamposts to work with.

The Vintage Christmas Taglets come in two strips, five of each, so if you were using one image to make a card, you could get THIRTY cards!

The other toppers in the range are our Vintage Christmas Toppers, again you get ten images, this time each one is a different design for you to create your own individual masterpiece.

I really would be hard pressed to say which pack I like the best, every image is truly gorgeous.

Tune in to see what Sheena does to place her own individual style onto the Vintage Lampost and to see the other cards in the gallery to give you even more inspiration!

Hope you enjoy seeing this weeks edition as much as we did making it.

Take care until next time

Lots of love, Noreen.

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  1. You didn't mention where we could get these??? Can you please post a website or something?