Saturday, August 21, 2010

Flower Soft makes it stunning

There are so many fast and easy ways to give a project a little touch of Flower Soft and the result can be amazing. 
For this card, I stamped the flower and leaves, using colored stamp pads.  The stamps are solid so when this image was stamped, there was a red/pink flower and green leaves.  All I needed to then do was to thoroughly coat that stamped image with the Tacky Glue and then add the Flower Soft to the areas with glue.  In order to keep the colors separate, I did do the flower part first and let that dry and then coated the leaves and let that dry, shaking off the excess Flower Soft before moving on to the second color. 
Because I used colored ink for the flower and leaves, you can see that color peeking through the Flower Soft that is the same color as the inks.  The inks and the Flower Soft end up complimenting each other.

Thanks for visiting, Linda Beeson, Design Team member


  1. Gorgeous card Linda! Finally tried Flower Soft and LOVE it!

  2. Adorable flower card, really result of your hard work. I love it and wish to gift such pretty card to my best friend.

  3. Linda, this is BEAUTIFUL!!! So fresh and crisp looking!



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